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7 Smells That Should Be Bottled up and Sold ...

By Marquitta

Everyone’s always waiting for Bath and Body Works to release a new scent, but many people don’t think about the smells that should be bottled and sold. I wonder why many companies don’t make products with smells that don’t take after foods or flowers. If I had a voice in the matter, I’d suggest 7 not-so-common smells that should be bottled and sold; continue reading to find out which ones.

1 New Book

Every time I buy a book, and I do mean every single time I buy a book, I smell the inside! What bookworm doesn’t love the smell of a newly printed novel? A new book is one of the smells that should be bottled and sold, especially when you’ve got several older books that have lost the smell. With e-books becoming more popular, there should be a way readers can read e-books, and still be able to enjoy the smell and experience of a freshly printed book.

2 Newborn Baby

The newborn baby smell is wonderful! I don’t know whether it’s their hormones, sweat glands, or the combination of powders and lotions, but there’s no denying that babies smell fantastic. I wish the newborn baby smell were available in stores as an air freshener or fabric softener. I wouldn’t recommend it as a body scent though; a fully-grown person smelling like a newborn baby just doesn’t seem right!

3 New Car

Car enthusiasts aren’t the only people who love the smell of a new car. I know it may sound weird, but I love the faint smell of the combination of adhesives, new leather, and other things that make a car, a car! If it were bottled and sold, the new car scent would be great for freshening up your old hooptie!

4 New Money

A few years ago, I went to the bank, and before I got to inside, I saw an elderly man standing outside of the door smelling his money. I caught him in mid-sniff! He stopped, smiled at me and said, "I love the smell of money." He’s not alone! New money smells amazing. If it were a candle scent, I’d hit the stores right away.

5 Jergen’s Original Scent

Technically Jergen’s lotions, soaps and creams are already bottled and sold everywhere, but wouldn’t it be great if the scent were made into body spray, air fresheners, and laundry detergent? Oh, I would be in heaven! I would make sure my whole house had the scent, and I’d never get tired of it.

6 Freshly Cut Grass

When I was younger, I’d volunteer to cut the grass solely for the purpose of enjoying the smell of it. It smells so fresh and warm! It’s hard to believe that isn’t already sold in stores, if it is let me know where to find it!

7 Childhood

Finally, there’s the smell of childhood. It would be impossible to bottle up and sell a scent that triggered everyone’s nostalgia, but if there were, I’d be all about it! It would be so cool if it were possible to spray a bottle labeled «Childhood» and immediately recall your best childhood memories. Of course if your childhood didn’t smell that great, I would suggest sticking to one of the other smells!

There are tons of smells that have yet to be captured, contained, and sold in stores, but who knows… newborn baby air freshener may be available in the next 5 years! What smells do you love, and wish were bottled and sold?

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