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7 Different Perfume Notes That Last Longer than You'd Expect ...

By Heather

There are tons of different perfume notes that last longer, but if you aren't a perfume expert, how would you ever know? Have you ever taken a deep down dive into Chanel #5 to figure out why it lasts so long? Well, it's because of all of the musk they place into it! So girls, are you ready to see what perfume notes that last longer are out there and which ones you should look out for? Take a look!

1 Patchouli

PatchouliAh, of course, one of the top perfume notes that last longer is patchouli! Any perfume that you see that has patchouli tucked inside of it, you should know that it is going to last a really, really long time! So, what does patchouli smell like? Well, it's slightly sweet, earthy and smells moist. It's a refreshing scent that you will pick up on immediately!

2 White Musk

White MuskNow, you are probably wondering exactly what the difference between musk and white musk is, right? Well, plain old musk actually does not smell all that well, but white musk? They use this in a lot of soaps, so it's a fresh, clean smell that lasts a really, really long time when it is tucked away in perfume!


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3 Sandalwood

SandalwoodThis is one of those scents that seems to be tucked away in every single perfume, right? Well, there's a reason for it, it's one of the top scents that last a really long time! Now, what does sandalwood smell like? It's got some hints of pine to it, got some earth to it and it's a deep and powerful scent!

4 Tuberose

TuberoseIf you are a floral girl and want something that is going to last a long time that is packed with floral scent, look for a perfume that is filled with tuberose! This is a sweet, exotic scent that is super strong and that will last a really, really long time! I love the scent of tuberose, because it's so floral and oh-so-pretty.

5 Freesia

FreesiaFreesia is actually one of my favorite scents and I love when it is tucked away in a fantastic perfume. This perfume note does actually last a really long time too! What does it smell like? Well, it's sweet, not heavy and it smells a little floral, but not too overpowering!

6 Frankincense

FrankincenseAnother great scent that is going to last a really long time when it is tucked away in your perfume is all about the frankincense. This awesome scent smells like dark chocolate, caramel, something sweet and something thick and sticky too. It's a piney scent that isn't going to go away right away!

7 Pine

PineFinally, if you are looking for something super woody, this is one perfume note that isn't going anywhere! Just one spritz of this perfume note when it is tucked away in your perfume and you'll see just how long it lasts! It smells just like Christmas to me. Have you ever purchased a perfume that has a bit of pine tucked away inside of it?

So girls, these are just a few of the perfume notes to really watch out for! Do you have any more that you are constantly finding in your perfume? Share 'em with me! I'd love to hear what you girls are wearing and what you are thinking about investing in, in the way of perfume!

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