6 Tips on How to Shop for a Long Lasting Perfume ...


6 Tips on How to Shop for a Long Lasting  Perfume ...
6 Tips on How to Shop for a Long Lasting  Perfume ...

There are some things to consider when you're wondering how to shop for a long lasting perfume. Frequently, a woman seeks to add to her appeal by wearing a fragrance. Of course, as that same fragrance fades, its slow disappearance can dim even a well-dressed woman’s appeal. For that reason, a smart female tries to keep her fragrance from fading quickly. Here are some of the tricks that women have used successfully when learning how to shop for a long lasting perfume.

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Avoid the Temptation to Wear a Scented Lotion

The lotion’s scent will mix with the fragrance of your perfume or cologne. Unlike the ear, which can hear a blend of musical notes, the nose focuses on a single odor. In other words, the lotion’s scent interrupts the fragrance that is coming from an aromatic product. In addition, the lotion puts an extra layer on the skin. That added layer acts as a barrier. It keeps scented oils from reaching into the skin. Wearing perfume on its own is one of the best answers for how to shop for a long lasting perfume.


Put Some of Your Chosen Cologne or Perfume on a Scarf

Then wrap the scarf around your neck. Studies have shown that a fragrance lasts longer, when it's been applied to a piece of clothing. If you wear the scented scarf around your neck, you expose your fragrance to the heat in your body. The heat works to prolong the lifetime of your perfume.


Try a Hair Fragrance

Yet remember to search for one that contains oil. In that way, you can smell good, while taming frizzy hair.


Learn the Proper Way to Store Your Perfume

Do not weaken your fragrance by storing it in a room that contains a great deal of moisture. Instead, keep it in a cool and dry location. Keep it away from sunlight. This lowers the chances that the fragrance’s molecules will start to break down.


Learn the Proper Way to Wear Cologne or Perfume

When you apply it to your body, you should focus on a pulse point. Your wrists and the nape of your neck are good choices. Put a thin covering of petroleum jelly on that same area and then spray it with the perfume of your choice.


Note the Name of the Perfume You Plan to Buy

If the product that you have found has a certain phrase on its label, then it is a light fragrance. That tell-tale phrase is “eau de toilette.” If you find a product that carries the word “parfum” on the label, then you know that you are getting something that contains long-lasting oils.

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