Helpful Tips for Girls Looking to Find Their Signature Scent ...


Helpful Tips for Girls Looking to Find Their Signature Scent ...
Helpful Tips for Girls Looking to Find Their Signature Scent ...

Even if you love to have a variety of perfumes, it’s nice to have a favorite – a signature scent that people know you by. A scent that announces you are in the room is a facet of your personality and therefore, demands some consideration. Sometimes it’s easy. Sometimes, a perfume grabs you and you make it your signature fragrance. Sometimes you have to work to find it.

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Favorite Season

flower, plant, tree, pink, blossom, One handy way for going about picking a signature fragrance is to sit down and think about what your favorite season of the year is. You don’t necessarily have to change your scent with each change of season; if you like summer the best than why not just stick to fresh, cool beach scents, whereas if you prefer the winter you might want a perfume with warmer notes that reminds you of comfortable evenings by the fire.


Occasional Switch

hair, clothing, pink, lady, girl, Try not to get to set in your ways when it comes to rocking a signature fragrance. Just because you class one as your signature it doesn’t mean you can never wear anything else. In fact, trying out different perfumes every now and then could help you to fine tune and alter what your signature actually is depending on whether you enjoy a new set of notes more than your old ones.



human positions, sitting, beauty, skin, leg, Make sure that you are fully clued up on all of the terminology that surrounds perfume; it can make a big difference when searching for your signature scent. Some women do not realize that there is a big difference between eau de parfum an eau de toilette? Eau de parfum is a much stronger concentration than eau de toilette, so think about this when choosing: do you want your perfume to last the entire day or are you happy to reapply a more subtle fragrance?


Express Yourself

person, people, human positions, beauty, sitting, Don’t pick a perfume just because it seems to be the most popular scent of the time. You should avoid following the crowd and instead search for a fragrance that says something about you as a person. Try to express as much of yourself in the notes that the perfume contains as you can; it is this side of it that makes it truly your signature scent.


Give It Time

color, leisure, sitting, spring, shopping, The intensity and vibe of a perfume can mellow, change and evolve over time, so before you commit to buying an expensive bottle, indulge in a little test dab and see if you still like it a number of hours later when the perfume has been given time to settle and expand on your skin. If you still like it after it has had the chance to change, then it could be winner.


Opinions Mean Little

eyewear, glasses, hair, vision care, face, It’s a fact that lots of fragrances smell completely different to different people, so if you find a perfume that you really enjoy, don’t be too disheartened if one of your friends says they don’t particularly like it. After all, you should be buying a scent that makes you feel good and that you enjoy; you shouldn’t be trying to impress someone else at the expense of your own note happiness!


Respect Your Maturity

clothing, sleeve, outerwear, fashion, jacket, It is very likely that the kind of scents you loved when you were a teenager are not going to be the same kind of scents that you like now. Check back in with your fragrance every year to make sure that you still love it as much as you did when you bought it. It never hurts to go to the store and test out some new fragrances - you might hit on a few notes that you never knew you loved!

I love perfumes and I love trying new fragrances but there’s one that always has a place in my collection is Paris by Yves St. Laurent. It’s been my signature for more years than I care to remember.

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I wish I knew mine lol. I’ve been a bath and body works girl since I was in high school. My scents need a major upgrade!

My signature perfume is the classic chlor perfume

My signature fragrance is Coco Chanel.

My signature fragrance is Clinique's Aromatic Elixir and if I want something lighter it's Clinique's Happy.

I dont have a signature "perfume" but i do have a signature "scent" which is Vanilla (mixed with coconut)!!!! Omg.. Heaven!!!! Out of all the scents in the world, this scent specially makes my knees weak!!! 😂

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