Low-Key Fragrances for Girls Who Love to Wear Perfume to Work ...


Low-Key Fragrances  for Girls Who Love to Wear Perfume to Work ...
Low-Key Fragrances  for Girls Who Love to Wear Perfume to Work ...

Wanting to wear perfume and smell beautiful is perfectly understandable. I mean, I wear cologne, not perfume, but I get it, plus I'm married to a perfume collector. Wearing perfume when you're at the office or at school, however, that's a crap shoot. There might be people around you who don't like perfume, they may be sensitive to strong fragrances, they might even be allergic. Bummer, right? Because you want to be polite and considerate, of course, you don't want to make anyone else feel sick or uncomfortable, but does that mean that you have to stop wearing your favorite fragrances? Nope. You just have to look for a few scents that work well in spaces like offices, classrooms, and other small spaces. I got this.

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Si by Armani

Si by Armani Get it here: sephora.com

Si markets itself as a highly feminine perfume but the notes don't overwhelm with floral or fruity scents. Instead, you get hints of chypre, blond wood, and blackcurrant nectar.


Intrusion by Oscar De La Renta

Intrusion by Oscar De La Renta Get it here: fragrancenet.com

Contrary to the name, this fragrance is not at all intrusive. It's floral based, but it uses marine florals, so the flowery notes are fresh, a little salty, and altogether brighter than what you expect.


Oh Lola by Marc Jacobs

Oh Lola by Marc Jacobs Get it here: jet.com

Heather wears this and it is amazing. It's subtle but sweet, it's long lasting, and it won't agitate sensitive noses. I know because I have one and many of her perfumes over the years have given me epic migraines. Oh Lola won't do that, plus the bottle makes lovely décor.


Be Delicious by DKNY

Be Delicious by DKNY Get it here: fragrancenet.com

Wifey wears Be Delicious, too, and I love smelling it on her skin! It's crisp and fresh and, in keeping with the packaging, green apple is the most pervasive scent. Gorgeous!


Poppy by Coach

Poppy by Coach Get it here: amazon.com

Poppy looks like it should be strong and bold, but it's not at all. There are some lovely aquatic notes balancing it, along with citrus and a little touch of vanilla.


Givenchy Eau Demoiselle De Givenchy

Givenchy Eau Demoiselle De Givenchy Get it here: fragrancenet.com

Nobody does subtle scents like Givenchy. The best part is that even though the fragrance is subtle, the perfume itself is long-lasting.


Chanel Chance Eau Fraiche

Chanel Chance Eau Fraiche Get it here: chanel.com

Chanel is an excellent go-to for office-friendly fragrance, too. You might want to skip Number 5, but that's okay because Chance might just become your new signature. It's fresh and vivacious with floral flashes, citrus zest, and woody notes for balance.


Prada Infusion D'Iris

Prada Infusion D'Iris Get it here: fragrancenet.com

This reminds me of a fresh spring garden. You'll love it, especially if you love irises.


Chloe Rose Edition

Chloe Rose Edition Get it here: sephora.com

The name says it all. This Chloe scent is all about the roses. However, hints of amber and white musk keep it balanced and subtle.


Lalique L'Amour

Lalique L'Amour Get it here: beautyspin.com

If you're after a floral perfume but don't want something overpowering, try L'Amour by Lalique. Rose, tuberose, jasmine, and gardenia are balanced by cedar, musk, and sandalwood for a sweet, feminine, but still light fragrance.


Gracious Tuberose by Flora by Gucci

Gracious Tuberose by Flora by Gucci Get it here: fragrancenet.com

Similarly, Gucci's Gracious Tuberose is floral but not too strong or bold. It interweaves peach and orange flowers with rose, tuberose, violets, and other white floral scents.


Oscar by Oscar De La Renta

Oscar by Oscar De La Renta Get it here: jet.com

To be honest, this just smells delicious. It's sexy and sensual and it kind of gives me the shivers.


Bvlgari Omnia Crystalline

Bvlgari Omnia Crystalline Get it here: amazon.com

If you love floral notes mixed with woody scents, Omnia Crystalline is a perfect choice. Just realize you'll have to pay a pretty penny for it.


Estée Lauder Very Estée

Estée Lauder Very Estée Get it here: amazon.com

Estée Lauder is a timeless brand and Very Estée may become your new signature perfume. It mixes woody and floral notes with cashmere, cedar, sandalwood, and pink pepper.


Dior J`adore Eau De Toilette

Dior J`adore Eau De Toilette Get it here: jet.com

If you know anything about perfumes, you know why J'Adore is always a fab choice.


Calvin Klein CK One Summer

Calvin Klein CK One Summer Get it here: jet.com

CK has so many classic perfumes. CK One Summer is the perfect way to launch yourself into the sunnier seasons.


Versace Bright Crystal

Versace Bright Crystal Get it here: sephora.com

And last but not least, if you want something outside of the box filled with one-of-a-kind notes, here you go. It's full of yuzu, raspberry, and pomegranate, along with lotus flowers, peonies, and magnolias. Top that off with wood and musk and you have a luxurious new fragrance.

Do you worry about which perfumes you wear to the office?

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