Sephora's Best Selling Perfumes You Need to Try ...


Sephora's Best Selling Perfumes You Need to Try ...
Sephora's Best Selling Perfumes You Need to Try ...

Sephora has all of the best makeup and beauty products around. It doesn't matter if you're looking to spruce yourself up for a party or get ready for a casual day of school, because their store contains products for every occasion. Of course, it can feel overwhelming to walk through those doors, because there are so many choices. In order to help you limit your options, here are some of Sephora's best selling perfumes that you need to try:

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Flowerbomb $80 at

This is a floral scent that is perfect for fall. It has strong notes of patchouli, orchid, and tea, which makes it perfect to wear during the daytime or at nighttime. Either way, you're bound to get compliments on the fresh, sweet scent.


A staple in any fragrance wardrobe, Flowerbomb is as versatile as it is enchanting. With its explosion of floral notes, it's a modern fragrance with a hint of sweetness that lingers from morning to evening. The combination of exotic flowers in this perfume creates an addictive and luxurious aroma that embodies femininity and grace. Perfect for the woman who wants to make a statement without saying a word. Just a spritz of this beloved scent and you'll understand why it's a top choice among Sephora shoppers.



Stella $50 at

If you love the smell of roses, then you'll love this fragrance. Along with its rose scent, it also has notes of orange, peony, and amber. This is a retro chic perfume that is heavy and beautiful. You can wear it at any time at any place, but it works best during a date.


The exquisite blend of Stella evokes a sense of timeless elegance with every spritz. Ideal for the modern woman who appreciates a hint of tradition, this scent wraps you in a blanket of luxurious femininity. It's particularly enchanting for evening events, yet versatile enough for a casual day out. The sophistication of rose combined with playful citrus and the warmth of amber creates a multifaceted fragrance that speaks to your soul, making it more than just a perfume—it's an experience. Discover why it's a beloved choice amongst those with a penchant for florals with a rich, seductive edge.


Bright Crystal

Bright Crystal $28 at

This is a floral scent that's meant to be worn during the daytime. It has notes of pomegranate, peony, and even water. Even though this fragrance has been around since 2006, it's now peaking in popularity. If you want to smell like you've just stepped out of a beautiful garden, then you should think about purchasing this perfume.


Amazing Grace

Amazing Grace $20 at

Every woman needs a perfume like this in her collection. It smells strongly of citrus, which shouldn't be surprising, considering it has notes of orange and grapefruit. It works best in the summer, so make sure you head to Sephora to purchase it as soon as you can. You don't want to wait until next year to give it a go, do you?



Angel $80 at

This is a sweet perfume that should be worn at night. It has notes of dark chocolate and caramel, which means you know it's going to smell delicious. Plus, it has a long-lasting scent, so you don't have to worry about losing your delicious smell after hours of wearing it. It'll linger on you for longer than any other perfume has before.


Appeal to your senses with the intoxicating concoction found in Angel. Any evening event calls for its sumptuous blend of sweetness, seducing the air with hints of lusciously rich chocolate and warm caramel. What's more enticing? Its impressive staying power. Imagine leaving a trail of heavenly fragrance that captivates and charms, from dusk till dawn, making you the unforgettable centerpiece of the night. Drift through the hours enshrouded in a scent that promises to make memories as lasting as its aroma. Available at Sephora, it's the scent of nocturnal sophistication.


Nirvana White

Nirvana White $80 at

This is a floral scent that was created by Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen in honor of their brother and sister. It has notes of peony, musk, and lily of the valley, which is meant to strike a balance between elegance and casualness. That means you can wear this fragrance while you're at work or while you're chilling with your friends. It's fit for any occasion, whether it's fancy or fun.


The Nirvana White perfume blends modern sophistication with a touch of youthful freshness, making it a versatile addition to any personal collection. Designed to encapsulate the spirit of modern femininity, its bewitching aroma lingers beautifully on the skin, drawing compliments throughout the day. Whether dressed up for a romantic evening or sporting casual attire for a day out with friends, this fragrance adapts to your vibe, enhancing your natural allure. Plus, the sleek and minimalist bottle design by the Olsen twins adds a chic touch to any vanity or bathroom shelf.


Perfume Sampler

Perfume Sampler $60 at

If you're not sure what type of scent you like, then you can buy this perfume sampler, which contains 11 different perfumes. Once you figure out your favorite scent of the bunch, you can take it down to Sephora to redeem a free full-sized bottle of it. You're never going to find a better deal than that!

Once you head to the store to smell these fragrances, it'll be clear why they're so popular. What's your favorite perfume scent from Sephora?

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I love floral scents and I've been looking for some new perfumes! This is perfect thank you :)

1. Is #1! :-)

Omg how amazing is that voucher thing?

V.R. Flowerbomb has been my signature scent for years! Love it!

I wear Angel. Even just the lotion stays on and doesn't lose the smell. And my refill bottle was 150!! A little goes a long way. When u wear this scent you can still smell it the next day!!!!!

Absolutely correct about "Angel"! It's been my signature scent for over 20 years. But, be careful, it's almost too sexy ;) I would love to see an article exactly like this 1, but that focuses on the more "oriental" scents. Not everyone likes floral scents.

$80 perfume?! No thanks!

I was given a sample of Flowerbomb which was a "meh" scent for me, but my bf likes it because "it smells like cotton candy". Lol!

😍😍 I got tge 1st one, and it's amazing, the scent stays with you all day

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