The Best Hand Sanitizer Scents ...


The Best Hand Sanitizer Scents ...
The Best Hand Sanitizer Scents ...

It's not always possible to run to the sink in order to wash your hands before a meal or snack. That's why you should always have miniature bottle of hand sanitizer tucked away in your purse. You never know when someone is going to offer you a pretzel, or when your hand is accidentally going to brush up against gum. Since you should be prepared for every possible scenario when you leave the house, here are some of the best hand sanitizer scents for cheap prices:

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Cozy Vanilla Cream

Cozy Vanilla Cream $1.75 at

If you love the smell of vanilla, you should can carry around this handy hand sanitizer. That way, whenever you see a boy you like and want him to compliment you on your scent, you don't have to pollute the whole room with vanilla perfume. You'll get a more subtle scent with this sanitizer.


Chocolate Chip

Chocolate Chip $3.00 at

The only thing better than the smell of vanilla is the smell of chocolate. Of course, you should be careful, because after you use this sanitizer on your hands, you might get a craving for cookies. That's why you should always pack some snacks in your bag along with your hand sanitizer.


Mad about You

Mad about You $1.75 at

This sanitizer has a mixture of peony and vanilla musk. The name of the scent is fitting, because anyone that you wear it around will be mad about you. It's a scent that's hard to beat, because it's less than $2.00. If you head to Bath and Body Works now, then you can get 5 scents for the low price of $6.00! Then you'll have enough sanitizers to last you the whole month.


Birthday Cake

Birthday Cake $3.00 at

If you've ever used birthday cake lip balm, then you already know how delicious the scent can smell. It's no different when you use birthday cake hand sanitizer. It'll put such a large grin on your face that it'll make you feel like it's your birthday every single day.


Vanilla Bean

Vanilla Bean $0.49 at

Here's another great hand sanitizer for all of you vanilla lovers. Even though it comes from Bath and Body Works, like most of the other delicious hand sanitizers in the world, it's only made at a certain time each year. If you see it in stores, grab it while you can. Otherwise, head to Amazon.


Sweet Peach Tea

Sweet Peach Tea $1.75 at

Now that fall is approaching, this hand sanitizer should be in every woman's pocketbook. It'll make you smell as sweet as a peach. Of course, the scent also has hints of white tea and lavender petals in it. There's nothing more refreshing.


Crisp Apples

Crisp Apples $1.75 at

Here's another great steal for fall. If you love biting into crisp apples, then you're going to love this scent. Make sure you buy enough of it, though, because everyone around you is going to be asking you if they can use it.

You should stock up on hand sanitizer, especially since you usually get a better deal when you buy a handful of them at once. It never hurts to have extras lying around the house, because you're going to use them all up eventually. What's your favorite hand sanitizer scent?

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Bath and body works scents are the best!

I agree with Elaine Pena

I agree with you awells32410. I'm obsessed. I have vanilla bean. It's delicious smells so good. My favorite scent is mango.

Pumpkin spice smells good

Japanese cherry blossom from BBW

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