The Ultimate Vegan Perfumes That Smell like Heaven ...

By Eliza

The Ultimate Vegan Perfumes That Smell like Heaven ...

A vegan product is one that doesn't contain any animal products. That's important to many women, but sometimes it's surprising what products actually contain something that comes from an animal. Perfume is something that often contains animal ingredients, but they don't all. If you're looking for a vegan perfume, try one of these fantastic choices. They each smell heavenly!

1 Indian Coconut Nectar Solid Perfume
Coconut and vanilla combine to create a solid perfume that will make you feel like you're on vacation.

2 Le Labo Oud Perfume Oil
Not only is this perfume vegan, but it's also alcohol-free and smells wonderful.

3 Pacifica Perfume Sandalwood
This scent is 100% vegan and packed with the best mixture of sandalwood and citrus!

4 Healthy Fragrance Vanilla Coconut
This vegan perfume is made with essential oils and is all-natural and cruelty free.

5 China Lily Essence
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Hyacinth and jasmine are just two of the tantalizing scents you'll find in this vegan perfume.

6 Breath of God Perfume
This perfume has woodsy scents that make it feminine, but earthy at the same time.

7 A Perfume Organic
Rose, truffle and chamomile give this perfume it's great scent. And it's entirely vegan!

8 Klean Spa Perfume Oil
Klean Spa makes a variety of delicious smelling scents that roll on easily. They are all natural and vegan.

9 Harvey Prince Oh so Divine
Lemon and grapefruit are the predominant scents in this perfume, making it super refreshing.

10 Aromi Socialite Solid Perfume
Full of floral and citrus notes, this solid perfume is perfect for travel.

11 Ecco Bella Organic Lemon Verbena
Fresh and clean and organic? What could be more perfect?

12 Forager Nectar Eau De Parfum
This perfume is entirely vegan and the wooden lids are handmade.

13 My Daughter Joyful Perfume
This combination of orange and lime will surely make you joyful anytime you wear it.

14 Love + Roses Beauty Mist
The name says it all. And when it's vegan, it's even better!

15 Tunisian Jasmine Lime
This perfume is packed with exotic ingredients that are totally vegan.

16 Vanilla Summer
Warm sugar and vanilla will make you feel like you're on a tropical vacation.

17 Exotic Bouquet Roll on Perfume
The blend of exotic floral notes in this perfume are made even more perfect by the fact that the scent is vegan.

18 Amazing Liquid Perfume
Fruit, orchids and caramel are the predominant scents in this vegan perfume.

19 Harvey Prince Ageless Perfume
Not only is this perfume 100% vegan, but it will make you feel young each time you wear it.

20 Against the Waves Eau De Parfum
You can feel great about wearing this perfume and pretend like you're lying by the ocean at the same time.

21 Full Regalia Eau De Parfum
Vanilla, rose and blackberry are the scents you can expect from this perfume.

Do you wear vegan cosmetics? Which of these perfumes do you want to add to your colletion?

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