Perfumes That Are Perfect for a First Date ...


Perfumes That Are Perfect for a First Date ...
Perfumes That Are Perfect for a First Date ...

On a first date you want to make all sorts of impressions and that includes making sure he knows you smell as good as you look. When it comes to perfumes for first dates you don’t want something that hammers his nose or is so cloying it even masks the scent of the garlic bread. I think the perfume you choose for a first date is as important as the outfit you choose to wear and should match you and the occasion.

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Stella by Stella McCartney

Stella by Stella McCartney Stella is feminine and sexy and sophisticated and that’s what it will tell your date. If you want a hint of flowers without a whole floral bouquet, this will appeal. Although it is very much based on a rose, and therefore might be considered old fashioned, this rose is bang up to date in its retro-chicness. The rose’s gentle scent is enhanced by amber and peony and it’s all freshened up with tangerine.
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Viva La Juicy by Juicy Couture

Viva La Juicy by Juicy Couture Do you want to say “I am vivacious, I am chic, I am modern”? Then reach for Viva La Juicy. Everything about this scent says playful with bags of personality. And if you want something slightly off kilter scent wise, the caramel and citrus overtones of Viva La Juicy certainly delivers. It surprises but in a good way because the unusualness is balanced out by soft floral tones.
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J’Adore by Dior

J’Adore by Dior I personally think this is a great first date perfume for younger women who want to appear sophisticated and on the right edge of being worldly-wise. It’s mature without being old lady. It’s a sensuous and complex combination of florals that smells luxurious without being flowery.
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The J’Adore by Dior is an iconic fragrance that strikes the ideal balance between elegance and youthfulness. With Ylang-Ylang Essence from Madagascar and Damascus Rose at its heart, this scent is designed for the modern, young woman who isn't afraid to stand out. The longevity of the scent ensures that the impression it makes lingers just as long as the memories of a first date. It's the embodiment of taste and confidence, housed neatly within a sleek, gold feminine bottle that speaks of the luxury inside. For those seeking an extra touch of sophistication, J'Adore is a clear front-runner.


Skin by Clean

Skin by Clean When you don’t want to be defined by a perfume but want to smell scented you can’t go wrong with Skin. Designed to capture the essence and allure of the delicate but delicious scent of bare female skin, this perfume is vanilla, white muck, rose, lotus and honeydew. If you want to be confident in your own skin, wear Skin.
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Daisy by Marc Jacobs

Daisy by Marc Jacobs If you want to say it with flowers, Daisy is a perfect choice. It works as equally well on warm summer evenings and chilly winter nights. It says vivacious and fun and there’s a whiff of eternal youth. Fresh and feminine yet intoxicating, Daisy says that the wearer is sophisticated and seductive and wants the opportunity to dazzle.
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Body by Burberry

Body by Burberry Like their trademark and iconic trench coat, Body by Burberry is a statement. And that statement is “I am sophisticated, I am in touch with my sensuality and I love adventure.” This scent has fruit notes that speak of seduction and romance balanced by a freshness and uniqueness that comes from absinthe. And there’s enough of a floral hint to be enticing.
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Crystal Noir by Versace

Crystal Noir by Versace If you want your first date perfume to emanate a sense of mystery and sex appeal, dab Crystal Noir in all the right places. Many perfumes described as sensual can be overwhelmingly musky or spicy floral. Not this one. It has elegance with gardenia and exotic flair with coconut. I think this perfume says, “you can touch me but you have to earn the right”
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Tell me about your favorite first date perfumes. Have there been any times your date has been put off by your scent, enough to comment on it?

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My vote goes to Juicy Couture...

I agree with si and also suggest diamonds! Guaranteed to get at least a hug and them being nearer to you

Deep Rose by Montale

Versace Bright Crystal and Si 💖

Narcissi Rodriguez for her... sexy n mysterious

Daisy, dior, burberry ...... Dior is best 😌

I already use Stella by Stella McCartney - it's perfect!

I have to agree with Stella

Used Stella perfume on the first date and the guy couldn't stop complimenting it 😊👌🏼

Seems like I should give Stella a sniff.

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