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Light and Airy Scents to Revamp Your Spring Perfume Selections ...

By Neecey

When the dark nights and dismal days of winter have been elbowed out by spring, we make changes to many of our routines. Out come the lighter clothes, we search for new beachwear, and we’re glad to slip our bare feet into sandals instead of heavy boots. So doesn’t it make sense to lighten and freshen up your fragrance too? Here’s my suggestions for perfect spring perfumes:

Table of contents:

  1. Tom ford neroli portofino acqua
  2. Maison francis kurkdjian vita eau de toilette
  3. Byredo gypsy water
  4. Lemon mary greenwell parfum spray
  5. La perla eau de toilette spray jaime fleurs
  6. Atkinson’s jasmine in tangerine
  7. Marc jacobs daisy dream eau de toilette spray
  8. Marni rose eau de parfum spray
  9. Dolce & gabbana floral drops eau de toilette
  10. Jo malone lily of the valley & ivy cologne spray
  11. Atelier cologne rose anonyme
  12. Dkny delicious delights
  13. Bond no. 9 hamptons
  14. Yves saint laurent black opium
  15. Diptyque geranium odorata fragrance
  16. Aerin lilac path
  17. Valentino valentina eau de parfum spray
  18. Hermes 24 faubourg for women
  19. Flowerbomb by viktor and rolf

1 Tom Ford Neroli Portofino Acqua

You’ll be hard pushed to find any perfume that is more suited to warm days than this exquisite fragrance from Tom Ford. Bursting with bundles of citrus notes, it’s so fresh you’ll want to wear it in winter too!

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2 Maison Francis Kurkdjian Vita Eau De Toilette

Another scent that gives you a fresh feel with lots of citrus, but this particular fragrance is somewhat softened with Brazilian tonka bean and a dash of vanilla.

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3 Byredo Gypsy Water

Byredo Gypsy Water, quite honestly, is a winner all year round, but its vanilla and sandalwood notes are perfect for any hot day.

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4 Lemon Mary Greenwell Parfum Spray

Nothing says spring cleaning like the scent of fresh lemons, and this Mary Greenwell fragrance has that in abundance.

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5 La Perla Eau De Toilette Spray Jaime Fleurs

With notes of juicy pear and luscious white peach, this fragrance has such a fresh and clear tone to it that it perfectly captures the essence of that period between the beginning of spring and the beginning of summer.

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6 Atkinson’s Jasmine in Tangerine

This amazing perfume takes modern inspiration from notes like ylang ylang and gardenia to create a heady floral combination that will knock the socks off of anybody who smells it.

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7 Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream Eau De Toilette Spray

Just the name alone, Daisy Dream, evokes charming visions of spring, doesn’t it? Light and airy are definitely the key words here, thanks to the added notes of jasmine, grapefruit and blackberry.

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8 Marni Rose Eau De Parfum Spray

This is a sophisticated springtime perfume with a dash of added oomph to make it great for evening wear during this season. A rich woody base gives it a lot of warmth.

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9 Dolce & Gabbana Floral Drops Eau De Toilette

This chunky frosted glass bottle is as quaint and as delicate as the fragrance that it contains, with notes of white lily, daffodil and papaya.

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10 Jo Malone Lily of the Valley & Ivy Cologne Spray

This fragrance expertly captures the illusive and delicate scent of lily of the valley and turns it in to a must-have fragrance for the transition into spring.

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11 Atelier Cologne Rose Anonyme

This is a really exotic smelling fragrance with unusual notes including spicy ginger, Turkish rose and Indonesian patchouli. A wonderful contrast to many of the more citrus based scents.

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12 DKNY Delicious Delights

You can’t go wrong with a bit of DKNY, and this wonderful fragrance shouts spring from its fruity notes down to the quirky, colourful design of the bottle!

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13 Bond No. 9 Hamptons

This scent is unisex in nature and full of woody, musky notes; perfect for any woman who doesn’t like to go too fruity or too floral.

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14 Yves Saint Laurent Black Opium

That is something decidedly luxurious about YSL’s Black Opium, but not so much so that it cannot work as a light spring perfume too.

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15 Diptyque Geranium Odorata Fragrance

With a combination of woody, musky and floral notes, this fragrance is the perfect choice for both the spring and the summer months.

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16 Aerin Lilac Path

Floral is definitely the key word with this fragrance, with top notes being, of course, lilac along with jasmine and galbanum.

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17 Valentino Valentina Eau De Parfum Spray

Middle notes of orange blossom, jasmine, tuberose and wild strawberry make this fragrance an almost irresistible spring/summer choice.

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18 Hermes 24 Faubourg for Women

White flower with wood and more than just a hint of warm vanilla give this fragrance by Hermes a heady, addictive scent.

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19 Flowerbomb by Viktor and Rolf

A funky scent deserves a funky name, and Flowerbomb certainly delivers on both fronts with notes of orchid, jasmine and rose.

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