Guys Say They Love These Herbaceous Colognes ...

By Eliza

Guys Say They Love These Herbaceous Colognes ...

Of course, you should never buy a scent just because a guy likes it, but if you want something earthy that men say they go crazy for, an herbaceous cologne is just what you've been looking for. Choose the one you love best and the guys are sure to follow you everywhere you go. One of these is sure to please!

Table of contents:

  1. provocative perfume spray
  2. terre d'iris
  3. nest verde
  4. woodland natural
  5. irritability treatment
  6. silver rain
  7. acqua di gioia
  8. odin new york vert reseda
  9. sorrel and lemon thyme
  10. carrot blossom and fennel
  11. corallium eau de parfum
  12. nasturtium and clover
  13. summer limited edition
  14. xix march
  15. aerie hidden love
  16. verbena and lavender

1 Provocative Perfume Spray
Sage is the main scent in this perfume and you are going to love it!

2 Terre D'iris
This scent has lovely undertones of sage and rosemary.

3 Nest Verde
Verbena and vetiver are what make this perfume so fantastic.

4 Woodland Natural
With sweet wild herbs giving this a great scent, you won't be able to get enough.

5 Irritability Treatment
The bitter herbs in this scent are combined with rose and other earthy scents to help your troubles float away.

6 Silver Rain
The scent of fresh herbs after a rainstorm is why this scent is going to become your new favorite.

7 Acqua Di Gioia
If mint is your favorite herb, this is the perfume for you.

8 Odin New York Vert Reseda
Fresh mountain herbs blend with floral notes to make this perfume one you'll both love.

10 Sorrel and Lemon Thyme
The herb and citrus combination in this scent is just about as wonderful as anything you'll ever find.

11 Carrot Blossom and Fennel
Fennel has a subtle spicy scent that will turn heads everywhere you go.

12 Corallium Eau De Parfum
This perfume combines French sage with mandarin and bergamot for a scent you won't find anywhere else.

13 Nasturtium and Clover
You are going to be addicted to the herbaceous scent of this lovely perfume.

14 Summer Limited Edition
The summery smell of fresh herbs in your garden will make this your new favorite perfume.

15 Xix March
This scent combines wood herbs and fresh citrus for a scent that both men and women will die for.

16 Aerie Hidden Love
This one has vanilla and lemon for a refreshing change of pace.

17 Verbena and Lavender
This combination of lavender and verbena is one that is so herby and wonderful!

Which one do you want to spritz on today?

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