7 Paris-Inspired Perfumes That Will Make You Go Ooh La La ...


7 Paris-Inspired Perfumes That Will Make You Go Ooh La La ...
7 Paris-Inspired Perfumes That Will Make You Go Ooh La La ...

There's a reason why francophiles fall deeply in love with Paris-inspired perfumes. From the rich scents to their utter beauty, these fragrances do well on the market because of the authentic and exciting experience they give each user. With the amount of perfumes that I have been slowly (and sneakily) acquiring, it won't be long until I can proclaim myself as a bona fide fragrance connoisseur. In fact, I don't think there is a better way to bring the city of love closer to home than testing out these luscious Paris-inspired perfumes.

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YSL Paris for Women

YSL Paris for Women Great on any occasion, this eau de toilette spray by widely acclaimed brand Yves Saint Laurent is one of the greatest contenders for best Paris inspired perfumes. Containing a spicy blend of rich notes such as orange flower, rose, moss, sandalwood and amber, this fragrance is perfect for the spring season. You will definitely not regret adding this perfume to your spring shopping list.


Paris Amour Daily Trio

Paris Amour Daily Trio This set has pretty much become an essential part of my daily routine. A mix of French tulip notes, apple blossoms, jasmine and water lily, Paris Amour is one of the greatest creations to ever come out of Bath and Body Works; I just love how sophisticated yet subtle it is. On an additional note, you can't beat its inexpensive price! While I know that some people may find the Eiffel tower design to be a little cliché, I think it only makes it that much more endearing.


Couture La La

Couture La La This next perfume is praised for its alluring scent coupled with its impeccable presentation. I love the overall fresh feeling I get whenever I wear this fragrance by Juicy Couture. Is it wrong to say that I was first attracted to this perfume solely based on aesthetic reasons?


Un Jardin Sur Le Toit

Un Jardin Sur Le Toit I love how fun and flirty this next product is. According to Conde Nast's The Daily Traveler, Un Jardin sur le Toit is said to be inspired by the garden on top of the Hermès Paris shop (hence the more than appropriate name). One wouldn't expect liberal hints of basil in a fragrance to work as well as they do here.


Trésor Midnight Rose

Trésor Midnight Rose I've always been a sucker for luscious floral fragrances. Not only is this very easy to wear, it is perfect for any occasion. Made by Lancome in the romantic city itself, the stock description "Charming. Mischievous. Desirable" definitely embodies the essence of this delectable fragrance


PAris by Balenciaga

PAris by Balenciaga As far as floral and fruity blends go, there is no better choice. I recently received a sample of this marvelous perfume and haven't stopped drooling over it ever since! Because of my inability to be subtle, my friend ending up getting me a bottle as a gift; I must say that I can't help being in a very flirty mood whenever I rock this out.


Midnight in Paris

Midnight in Paris Last but not least, while this cologne is actually geared towards men, there's no law that says you can test it out. The lemon, citrus notes paired with vanilla and tonka bean makes for quite an interesting mix. Available at Fragrantica.com, Midnight in Paris is as beautiful as its namesake. Its warm and spicy scent will appeal to both you and that special someone in your life.

It's easy to see why Paris is often regarded as the capital of the perfume industry. What are your favorite scents to use on date night? Are there any that you are hoping to try this spring?

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Smells good I hav it

Can anybody write the prices next to the perfume??

Chanel No. 5 is my all time favorite!

I like guerlain perfumes

May I know if Paris Amour scent lasts long?

You didn't include La vie est belle? Oh and my favourite is Si by Armani

Tresor midnight rose is definitely a favorite!

I bought the Paris by Balenciaga, I could say it's definitely my fav right now!

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