7 Discontinued Perfumes I Wish They'd Bring Back ...

It's really sad one of your favorite perfumes becomes one of the many discontinued perfumes out there, right? I love each and every perfume on this list and I wish that they'd bring them all back! The best thing though? These discontinued perfumes can be found online, they are just usually really expensive and you really have to make sure that they are the actual perfume. So, with that said, are you ready to explore my top discontinued perfumes list?

1. Ralph Hot by Ralph Lauren

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The very first of 7 discontinued perfumes on my list is Ralph Lauren's Ralph Hot. I love this perfume! It was born in 2006 and it's a scent packed with fresh milk, jasmine, sandalwood, mocha cream, fig, orchid and even some almond blossom and some maple! It's truly a unique scent that most people wouldn't think about when they think about Ralph Lauren!

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