7 Great Smelling Colognes to Get Your Man ...

Of course the perfume that you wear is pretty important, but what about colognes for your man? Do you think about how he smells too? Whether you are a guy looking for your boyfriend to smell better or a girl looking for her man to lure her in, these top colognes for your man are amazing! Not only are they sexy, but they last forever – and smell awesome when they are on!

1. Hugo by Hugo Boss

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By far, one of the best choices in colognes for your man out there is Hugo by Hugo Boss! This incredible cologne has notes of green apple, grapefruit, and basil, along with something spicy and some woody cedar and patchouli notes. If you want something manly yet still subtle and long-lasting, this is the cologne that you'll want to go with! It's an amazing scent!

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