11 Easy Ways to Make Your Perfume Last Longer ...


11 Easy Ways to Make Your Perfume Last Longer ...
11 Easy Ways to Make Your Perfume Last Longer ...

I love my perfume and if you're like me, you're probably looking for ways to make your perfume last longer on your skin, right? You don't want that scent to disappear after just a few hours or even a few minutes, you want it to linger! If you've tried a lot of ways to make your perfume last longer but haven't been successful, take a look below, I've got the top 7 surefire ways that will make your perfume last really long!

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Apply Perfume Right after Your Shower

Did you know that when you are in the shower, your pores open right up? It's the steam that does it and if you apply your perfume right after your get out of the shower, your pores will soak up the scent better and it'll last longer! This is a trick that I've tried for a few weeks and my perfume has lasted so, so much longer on my skin! This is totally one of my top ways to make your perfume last longer!


Moisturize Your Skin

Before you apply your perfume, make sure that your skin is super moisturized. You don't want to put perfume on dry skin. Instead, you want it to be plump and healthy. A quick moisturizing of your arms and legs, then a spritz of perfume will really allow the moisturizer to soak in the scent!


Don't Rub Wrists Together

Did you know that rubbing your wrists together after you apply your perfume isn't going to make the scent last longer? It'll actually break up the perfume and make the scent fade more quickly. Instead, just apply the scent on both pulse points on your wrist and don't rub!


Apply at Pulse Points

Speaking of pulse points, you want your perfume to be placed on them! I typically do a dab behind my ears, on both of my wrists and then along my throat. This really makes my perfume last all day and I don't have to reapply at all! Have you tried to dot your perfume along your pule points?


Choose Strong Base Notes

When you are looking for perfume, you really want to choose a perfume that is going to have really strong base notes. Base notes are the most dramatic and longest lasting notes in a perfume. Notes like pine, patchouli, vanilla and musk are all notes that have been known to last the longest. Keep that in mind!


Spray on Hairbrush

If you really want your perfume to last a really long time, why not spray a little bit of it on your hairbrush and run it through your hair? That way, every time you move, you'll be able to smell your perfume! I've tried this trick for weeks and I love it!


Layer Fragrances

Finally, you'll want to layer your fragrances. A body mist, a perfume and your shampoo or body wash can all be mixed in together on your skin. Now, the biggest mistake that people make when it comes to this particular tip is that they layer too many fragrances on. Just a couple fragrances should be good!


Apply before You Get Dressed

Perfume is activated by heat and chemical reactions so it's actually more effective when in comes in contact with your body rather than your clothing. The other perk of this is that sometimes perfume can actually stain your clothing, this way it lasts longer and you protect your clothes!


Protect Your Perfume

Sounds silly right? Well apparently perfume can kind of go bad! Heat and light can degrade some of the ingredients which can mess with the scents in your perfume. Make sure to keep it in comfortably cool and dry conditions, away from heat sources and direct sun. Do not keep perfume in the bathroom, where humid air can infiltrate the bottle.



Give yourself some distance from the perfume bottle. Don't hold the bottle right up to your skin when you spray it. Try to keep the bottle about six inches from the area that you're applying the perfume to. This will give you the best results.



Perfumes last a lot longer on oily skin than on dry skin, so moisturize! Many people see oily skin as a problem, but when it comes to longer lasting perfume wear it's actually a blessing. Bonus points if you moisturize using the same sent as your perfume.

So, there you have it! All of the top ways to make your perfume last longer! These do work and are a great way for you to save on perfume by not retouching all of the time. What other tricks do you have? Do tell me!

This article was written in collaboration with editor Lydia Sheehan.

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I would spray it in my hair but then my face would breakout like crazy !


Definitely doing the shower trick. Thanks for the article!

For number 6, doesn't the super strong chemicals in the perfume ruin your hair and cause breakage?

The hair one might dry out your hair, but the shower one works wonders

Also, just because you can't smell it doesn't mean others can't. Your brain actually stops paying attention to it after a while as it focuses on other more important things

Will tried every last one?

Love this article!!!!!!

Use an eau de parfum not an au de toilette

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