7 Summer Scents You Just Have to Try ...

When it comes to choosing which summer scents to try, never has the phrase "the more, the merrier" applied so perfectly. Whether it's thinking of warm days spent dancing on the beach or trading jokes with friends as we watch the stars, I really love drawing inspiration from everything that comes with the season. In fact, as the temperature heats up, my taste in fragrances always gets a little more experimental. That being said, regardless of whether you're more into subtle or bold perfumes, you are definitely going to want to keep your options open after checking out these sexy summer scents.

1. Clean Rain

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I've always believed that a good buy is always worth the splurge; after testing out this line of summer scents, I have to reiterate that thought. Available at Sephora, CLEAN's Rain perfume is made of an absolutely captivating mix of dewy melon, water lilies, bright daffodil and watermint. Just spraying this once will seriously make you feel as if you're surrounded by flowers, freshly damp from the rain; I know the analogy is clichΓ© but it's still true!

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