7 Amazing Perfumes to Smell Fab and Glam on Your 💒Wedding Day👰 ...

Have you given thought as to how to choose a wedding perfume? My Grandmother was a woman who loved fragrances and underscored the importance of choosing the right perfumes for your wedding day. She wasn't rich but I remember her giving short lectures in the house with my many aunts as her audience on the importance of smelling good - apart from looking good - on your big day, and the rest of your life as a woman. "You have to be beautiful and don't let yourself go by being a poorly-dressed, awful-smelling wife," she would say. Learning a lesson or two from her, here is my list of seven amazing perfumes for your wedding day that you might want to try out:

1. Very Irresistible L'eau En Rose by Givenchy

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This one has a very feminine smell that reminds me of pale pink dresses and pearl earrings. It reminds me of spring when everything beautiful blooms and fills the place with so much happiness. Choosing among several perfumes for your wedding day? Try a whiff of this one. You won't regret it!

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