7 Ways to the Best Perfume for You ...


Best Perfumes are different for every woman. This is because every woman has a different chemistry and her skin will mix differently with each perfume she tries. So if you want to know ways to the best perfume for you, you need to decide which category you fit into. There are different categories of perfume, and I've made a list with different ways to the best perfume for you. If you have been wanting to try wearing perfume, but aren't sure which scent is right for you, keep reading! I've got some expert tips for you to follow to finding the best perfume for you!

1. Floral

If you are a girly-girl, chances are your best perfume will be a floral fragrance. Floral perfumes have flowery notes and often have flowery names. They smell sweet and usually are very strong. Just use a few drops!

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