7 Divine Perfumes to Try from Macy's ...


When it comes to divine scents and fragrances, the perfumes from Macy's certainly fit the bill. As a lover of all things simple yet fabulous, I have no problem admitting that some of my best shopping days have been shaped by perfume finds that are inexpensive yet effective. I just love being able to choose from the wide variety of products that range in size and scents and are readily available. Regardless of whether you are a fan of name brands or prefer more obscure pieces, these amazing perfumes from Macy's will definitely capture your attention.

1. Estée Lauder Youth Dew for Women Perfume Collection

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This mixture of spicy and bold scents will definitely draw you in; from the rich notes to the scents' longevity, the Youth Dew eau de parfum spray in this collection is one of my favorite sensuous perfumes from Macy's. Everything about this is just marvelous. I would recommend pairing the spray with the body crème to make sure that your skin feels as great as it smells!

Escada Born in Paradise Fragrance Collection
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