7 Things You May Not Know about Perfume ...


There are always things you may not know about perfume, as I liken it to jewelry and wine and there is so much to know about both these items too. Perfume definitely evokes strong memories and emotions in people, as we tend to pick up a lot through our olfactory senses. Here are some things you may not know about perfume.

1. Origins

One of the things you may not know about perfume is that it dates back to Ancient Egyptian and Roman times (think 2000 B.C.), and believe it or not ladies, the first perfume maker noted in the Ancient Egyptian records was a woman! Perfume was called 'per fumus' back then, which literally meant 'through smoke' in Latin. It kind of makes sense as the majority of smells were incense based, like frankincense and herby coriander.

Greatest Perfumer
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