7 Tips for Choosing a Perfume That's Right for You ...


How often do we spend sampling and choosing a perfume that's right for us? Fragrance really is a personal statement and finding one that’s truly suited to our tastes can be challenging. Every season our body chemistry changes, every day we wear different clothes and feel differently about ourselves, therefore, we want to select fragrances that reflect our true selves the moment we step outside our front doors! Here are some helpful hints for choosing a perfume that’s right for you.

1. Know the Scent Families You like

Everyone knows that choosing a perfume or your signature scent can be challenging. Not to mention there are so many wonderful fragrances out there to choose from. I’m hoping that I can break it down and simplify this process. Most perfume companies categorize their scents according to fragrance profiles and collective notes; simply put, these categories are: woody, floral, fruity, spicy, and citrus. There are hybrid varieties too, such as floral-oriental or fruity-sweet fragrances. Obviously you'll be attracted to one category over another based on your personality, and taste, so it's good to know what scent family you're attracted to when choosing your next perfume.

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