How to Select Your Signature Fragrance ...

Even if you love to have a variety of perfumes, itโ€™s nice to have a favorite โ€“ a signature scent that people know you by.

A scent that announces you are in the room is a facet of your personality and therefore, demands some consideration.

Sometimes itโ€™s easy.

Sometimes, a perfume grabs you and you make it your signature fragrance.

Sometimes you have to work to find it.

1. Favorite Season

One handy way for going about picking a signature fragrance is to sit down and think about what your favorite season of the year is.

You donโ€™t necessarily have to change your scent with each change of season;

if you like summer the best than why not just stick to fresh, cool beach scents, whereas if you prefer the winter you might want a perfume with warmer notes that reminds you of comfortable evenings by the fire.

Occasional Switch