7 Fabulous Perfume Recipes That May Not Be as Hard as You Think...


Following all of the different perfume recipes out there is hard!

Making your own perfume in general is hard, but these perfume recipes I've found are not only sweet and oh-so-delicious smelling, they aren't bad to follow and the ingredients are pretty easy to find!

If you've been dying to make your own perfume, take a look at my list of my top perfume recipes!

1. Floral Perfume

The very first of 7 perfume recipes that I tried was a floral perfume.2

I love perfumes that smell just like flowers and that last a really long time.

This perfume will stick to your skin beautifully and it's also really easy to make!

You need some vodka, some water, essential oil and even a little chamomile and finally some oil!

That's it!


2 cups distilled water

3 tablespoons vodka

5 drops lavender essential/fragrance oil2

10 drops chamomile essential/fragrance oil

10 drops valerian essential oil


Mix all the ingredients together, shake well.

Place in a dark color bottle.

Then allow the perfume to settle for at least 12 hours.2

Store in a cool dry area.

Dab on pulse points for long-lasting fragrance.

For added effect, add a bit of extra fine body glitter to your oil mix.

2. Rose Perfume

If you are looking for a specific rose perfume, this is the perfume recipe for you!2

This perfume smells like you just stuck your nose right in a bush of roses!

It's also really easy to make – you just need essential oil, some vodka and an empty bottle!


3 ounces vodka

30 drops rose absolute or rose otto essential oil

Small funnel

Coffee filters

Empty perfume or cologne bottle


**Add the oil to the vodka.

Shake gently and allow the mixture to age for 2 to 3 weeks.2

This aging allows the alcohol to extract the aromatic constituents of the oil that are only partially soluble in the alcohol.

You may notice globules of the undissolved constituents floating around in the mixture β€” this is normal.

After aging the mixture, chill it briefly and filter it using the funnel and a coffee filter.

Let the mixture settle.

If any additional globules form, chill and filter again.

Repeat this process until all traces of undissolved oil are removed.

At this point, your personal essence is ready to use.

Citrus Perfume
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