7 Simply Enchanting Classic French Perfumes ...


French Perfumes have always been a synonym for class, wealth and, of course, elegance! And, since all that tradition can’t disappear overnight, it’s only fair to admit that not a lot has changed since the old times! Sure, perfumes are being mass produced nowadays and they are not a terribly expensive luxury only the extremely wealthy ones are able to enjoy although French perfumes still are the best of the best! So let’s take a virtual trip to the European Mecca of fashion, style and luxury by remembering these amazing French perfumes!

1. Chanel Perfumes

Call me crazy but I think every Chanel perfume smells French! In fact, I wouldn’t know where to start! Light, chic Chance makes me daydream about romantic moments in Paris, Chanel No 19 makes me want to wear my most nonchalantly chic outfit and enjoy the Eiffel tower with a glass of bubbly in my hand and Chanel No 5… now that’s one of those classic French perfumes I don’t even need to describe!

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