Real or Faux: Perfume💐 🔎Deciphering🔍 Hacks to Tell if It's Legit👌🏼 ...


I have such a thing for perfumes. I love them. In fact, in my bathroom, I typically have two, three … okay, four or five of them at any given time. The thing is, you have to be careful when you are buying perfume. Ladies, when you are buying a perfume from anywhere, how can you tell if it is a real or fake? Well, I'm here to tell you what signs to watch out for and what to look for. Trust me, girls, you don't want to get duped!

1. Check the Packaging

The packing can be real telling whenever you are dealing with perfume. You want to make sure that you look not only at the box but the actual plastic too. The quality of these things can make all of the difference and you should be able to tell if you have a real or a fake perfume on your hands!

Take a Look at the Bottom of the Box
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