7 Strange Perfume Scents ...


If you’re beginning to find ordinary scent a little boring, you’re in luck. Recent years have seen a real diversification in the perfume market so that along with ‘traditional’ scents like fruits, musks, flowers and woods, you can now also buy a wide variety of wildly unconventional colognes which range from quirky and interesting to downright revolting. Apparently it’s possible to bottle pretty much every aroma around, so you can smell of anything from ‘salt air’ to (and I’m not kidding) the ‘dregs’ in a wine glass. To give you a good idea of the kind of unusual fragrances available to you, I’ve put together a list of 7 strange perfume scents.

1. Burgers

This cologne, dubbed ‘Flame,’ is manufactured by Burger King and is especially directed at the enthusiastically carnivorous man. It is the ‘scent of seduction,’ BK tells us, shot through with subtle notes of freshly ‘broiled meat.’

Strong Cheese
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