10 Most Charmingly Memorable Scents for Men This Christmas ...


Treat a special man in your life with a gorgeous perfume this Christmas.

Ranging from a grandfather to a boyfriend, any man would love to have a charmingly memorable scent as a festive present.

Charming and memorable scents for men can be found within nostalgia;

the most popular perfumes for men are classics, scents that their fathers used to wear, stirring up memories of childhood.

Scent is a powerful trigger for memory, either because the scent is associated with other sensations or because it is so unique and easily identifiable.

So Iโ€™ve compiled a list of the 10 Most Charmingly Memorable Scents for Men this Christmas to guide your gift-buying this year, and bring fond memories back

1. Aramis for Men โ€“ Aramis

A suave and classic woody scent for men, Aramis is a crisp perfume with a hint of Artemisia and bergamot.

It has an intense yet calming woody scent from sandalwood, which adds to its strong and masculine body.

2. Vetiver โ€“ Guerlain

This is a classic, masculine and memorable perfume that is ideal for any occasion.

With a flexible scent, it can be used night or day, with its crisp yet subtle fragrance.

The โ€˜vintageโ€™ version is a lot stronger and tends to be more popular than the younger, thinner version of this scent for men.

3. Bel Ami โ€“ Hermรจs

The receiver of this smooth perfume will feel suave, sophisticated and refined.

Bel Ami has distinct leathery and lemony tones.

It also includes floral middle tones of ylang-ylang and iris flower, with base notes of vanilla, sandalwood and vetiver.

A smooth and mellow fragrance.

4. Sycomore โ€“ Chanel

Irresistibly smoky and delicate, this citrus based perfume has an earthy and dry tonality that gives its wearer a cooling and clean fragrance.

Created by Chanel, a memorable classic designer on anyoneโ€™s terms.

This noble perfume is rich in elegant sandalwood with hints of cypress, juniper and pink pepper.2

A scent for men that creates a subtle aura.

Dior Homme โ€“ Christian Dior
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