10 Best and Fabulously Enchanting Scents Ever ...


Everyone has their favorite perfume but here are some which are timeless classics and will always be around to tantalize sensations. An enchanting scent adds a finishing touch to an outfit in the way no glittering accessory can. Top brands often select and create the best scents on the market. They’re classy, unmistakable and will sweep you, or the object of your affection, off your feet. If you need a guide on which scents are the best, you can’t go wrong with these 10 Best and Fabulously Enchanting Scents Ever.

1. Chanel – No. 5

The first perfume by Coco Chanel, the first most famous perfume in the world, and naturally, the first one on this list. Little needs to be said on why this is considered the best scent ever, but let’s begin with its aldehydic foundations. No. 5 was the first aldehydic perfume which whispers floral tones from the very first spray. The beautifully balanced use of orange blossom, ylang-ylang and jasmine makes this perfume simply enchanting.

Joy – Jean Patou
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