Sniff Test Approved Tips for Finding Your Perfect Perfume Scent ...


Sniff Test Approved Tips for Finding Your Perfect Perfume Scent ...
Sniff Test Approved Tips for Finding Your Perfect Perfume Scent ...

Wearing a signature scent is a really wonderful way to complete the appearance you want others to see when they look at you. No, you can’t see perfume, but you can certainly smell it and the one you choose can enhance your style in the best way. With so many options to pick from, it can be hard to decide which one you want. Use these easy tips to find your perfect perfume and you’ll be getting so many compliments you won’t even be able to handle it.

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Try out Your Options

Perfume interacts with the oils on your skin, which means it smells different in the bottle than it does when you spritz it on. Likewise, it smells differently on you than it does on your best friend. You’ve got to use the sample scents and see how the perfume works on your skin so that you know how it’s going to be perceived by others. Most perfume shops allow you to test the options so you should be able to find just what you’re looking for.


Decide What Family of Scents You Want

No two perfumes are exactly the same, but most of them fall into a few categories. Knowing which category of scent you want can help you narrow down the choices. Do you want a floral scent or something fresh? Do you want fruity or woodsy? Or is Oriental more your style? Once you know that, you can look at only the scents that fall into your chosen category.


What’s Your Fragrance Personality?

Are you a sporty girl or super feminine? Do you want to be seen as the girl next door or as an elegant lady? This is another way to easily narrow down the perfumes you can choose from. Combined with the categories of scents, you can mix and match from them to decide which scent is perfect for you. Don’t worry – a perfume expert can help you.


Take Your Time

Because fragrances mix when you spritz them all at once, you should take your time when choosing a scent and only try one at a time. This can take some time, but it will totally pay off once you have found your signature scent. If you want to speed things along a little bit, the papers at the fragrance store can help you narrow down the ones you want to eventually spritz on your skin.


Know the Lingo

Eau de parfum, eau de toilette, absolutes, notes…the list goes on and on. Just like anything, perfume creation is a science and there are lots of words that you should know that can help you make the right choice. For example, an eau de parfum contains a higher percentage of the perfume oil than eau de cologne.


Shop for Perfume at the End of a Warm Day

According to experts, the best time to choose a perfume is at the end of a warm day. That’s because warmth and time enhances your sense of smell, which helps you get the full effect of the fragrance you’re considering buying. Make a perfume date for after work and you have the perfect way to end your day.


Think about Mixing Perfumes

Can’t find exactly what you’re looking for? Consider mixing a couple of different scents to create your own signature scent. This is a super fun way to mix and match your favorite aspects of a couple of different bottles of perfume.

How do you find the perfect perfume? What’s your signature scent?

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Personally I absolutely Jo Malone, English Pear & Wild Bluebell.. I get more compliments on those perfumes & another one of my fav which is Tom Ford.. Can't go wrong!! Hope you enjoy!!

I love girly, flirty scents. I love to smell feminine. Scents I usually wear are fruity/floral. But during the cooler months I like to wear something warm scented; like Vanilla. ;-)

I love classic, feminine and luxurious scents .

I do the mix perfumes to create my very own scent.

I wear daisy by marc jacobs and sometimes gucci bamboo

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