Popstar Perfumes That'll Make You Smell like an a-Lister ...


Popstars no longer just endorse or advertise perfumes. They make them (well not them personally but you know what I mean). These days, popstar merchandise is so far removed from a band tee or a keyring, it’s not even in the same league anymore as our favorite singing stars are more of a brand than just a name. I’ve picked out some of my favorite perfumes by popstars.

1. Katy Perry – Killer Queen

Katy Perry – Killer Queen

After producing Purr and Meow with Gigantic Perfumes, Katy Perry signed up with long established and famous French brand Coty. The first result of the partnership was Killer Queen. I’m so glad she moved away from those cutesy but rather naff cat bottles to something more elegant. Killer Queen will appeal to those of you who love floral and oriental notes. Be intoxicated by red velvet flower, plumeria, jasmine, bergamot and wild berry. Guaranteed to make you feel playful.

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Between Us – One Direction
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