Scent-sational Uses for Perfume You Must Try for Yourself ...


Perfume is a luxury we all deserve so don’t worry, I am not going to be suggesting ways to spray your expensive scent anywhere other than on yourself. But what do you do with samples and testers, perfumes you don’t like or ones that have passed their shelf life (alcohol evaporates, leaving behind a strong, overpowering smell that is far from being as nice as the younger scent)?

1. Use Perfume to Freshen up Linens and Curtains

Add some water to your favorite perfume to dilute it and use as a linen spray. Use it on your curtains to fill your room with a nice smell when the wind ruffles the fabric. Don’t you think having gentle scents wafting from your curtains on a breezy day is romantic?

Use It to Make β€œlayers” of Fragrance
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