A Signature Perfume for Every Zodiac Sign – Check out Yours 🌠🌌✨ ...

At first glance, the idea that you can choose a perfume based on your zodiac sign seems laughable, right?

I get it, I thought so, too.

But then I thought about it a little more and … well, it kind of makes sense.

Each sign has its own traits, quirks, and attributes, right?

Plus, there are water signs, air signs, fire signs, and earth #signs.

Even if you don't follow your horoscope or care about your sign, you probably exhibit at least a couple of the traits associated with your star sign, so it's entirely possible it can predict the perfume you'll like.

At the very least, you might get an idea about a new type of fragrance or scent profile.

Let me know if we got it right, okay?

1. Tory Burch Absolu Eau De Parfum Spray for Aries β™ˆ

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Get it here: toryburch.com

As befitting an Aries, this scent by Tory Burch is fresh, but there are definite feminine touches.

It's sophisticated and modern, however, with roses, tuberoses, and pink pepper.

A little sandalwood keeps things spicy, while notes of jasmine, cedar, lily of the valley, and black currant soften the edges.