11 Amazing Smelling Body Mists to Try ...


If you aren't someone that is super into perfumes, but you still want something that smells good on your skin, have you ever considered any body mists to try out?

Body mists are light, they are airy and they aren't nearly as heavy as a perfume – the best part though?

They are cheap!

So, if you're looking for body mists to try, but haven't found the ones that work for you yet, give a look to my top 7 amazing body mists!

1. Sweet Temptations by Victoria's Secret

Sweet Temptations by Victoria's Secret

Of course, the very first of my body mists to try would revolve around Victoria's Secret.

This amazing body mist is all about the fruity, all about the floral and it's honestly one of those body mists that you'll want to use over and over again!

It's a scent that is packed with lily of the valley, apricot, grapefruit and even some amazing floral notes!

So, would you want to try this particular body mist?2

2. Hawaiian Ginger by Calgon

Hawaiian Ginger by Calgon

Now, I don't typically go for things that are super tropical, but I was feeling a little different when I brought this body mist.

This awesome, incredible and amazing rush of exotic fruit scent will transport you right to Hawaii!

It's packed with lemon, Hawaiian ginger and even some musk and woody notes!2

It's super light, totally airy and you'll love it!2

3. Love Spell by Victoria's Secret

Love Spell by Victoria's Secret

So this scent is intoxicating, I'm going to warn you right now.

It's a scent that is packed with lush cherry blossom, some juicy peach notes, some amazing floral rush notes and a finish of aloe vera and calming chamomile.

It's a scent that is sexy, spicy and ever-so-beautiful as it unfolds on your skin!

4. Pink Grapefruit by the Body Shop

Pink Grapefruit by the Body Shop

All right girlies, if you are looking for a body mist that is packed with crispness, that is zingy and beautiful, this is the scent for you!2

It's a lighter scent that is filled with pink grapefruit extract and is ideal for someone that loves anything citrus.

So, you ready to jump right into this scent?

Sweet Pea by Bath & Body Works
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