9 Breathtakingly Beautiful Vintage Perfume Ads ...

These vintage perfume ads feature some of the most popular fragrances of their day. I’ve used one or two of these perfumes in the past, and received great attention. Some of the older fragrances are still being produced today, while others are long discontinued, but available on eBay for large sums of money. Aside from the actual perfume, many vintage perfume ads are available for purchase online and are suitable for framing.

1. Shocking by Schiaparelli

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In general, vintage perfume ads are beautiful and sometimes even funny, but in this ad, Schiaparelli says of Shocking: “It gives women ideas which they reflect, even if they don’t live up to them. It is not to be given to secretaries or Other Men’s Wives except at your own peril.” WHAT? The year was 1937, and that content was appropriately SHOCKING. You might be able to snag a bottle on eBay, but the price is positively…you know.

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