8 Fab Perfumes for Women in Their 20s ...


With all of the different perfume out there, it can be really hard to find some beautiful perfumes for women in their 20s!

Although I am newly 29, I still want my perfume to feel fresh and youthful.3

That's what this list of my top 8 perfumes for women in their 20s is all about!

So, you ready to see exactly what perfumes for the girls in their 20s look and smell like?

Take a look below!

1. Miracle by Lancome

Miracle by Lancome

Lancome comes up with some of the most beautiful perfumes for women in their 20s out there!

This particular perfume is super joyful, totally extraordinary and it smells so youthful!

It's a spicy floral scent that is bursting with all kinds of Freesia, ginger and some amazing amber notes!

Beyond Paradise by Estee Lauder
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