9 Innocent & Sweet Perfumes to Try ...


Trying to find innocent and sweet perfumes that are ideal for a girl or a woman is not all that easy.

I've looked everywhere for innocent and sweet perfumes and I came up with 9 that are amazing!

Whether you are looking for designer or you want something a little less expensive, take a look at my list!

I promise, I have something for everyone!

1. Marc Jacobs – Dot

Marc Jacobs – Dot

I actually love, love this scent.

Not only is this one of the few innocent and sweet perfumes that is super feminine but it's also not too floral.

That's the problem with a lot of sweet perfumes, they can be too floral.

This one has vanilla, driftwood and jasmine all mixed and mingled with orange blossom and coconut water.

It's an amazing scent!

2. Versace – Baby Rose Jeans

Versace – Baby Rose Jeans

If you are looking for the ultimate sweet and innocent perfume, this is it.

It's not all that heavy and it smells just like heaven!

It's got some mandarin orange, violet and freesia notes, along with lily-of-the-valley and vanilla mixed in.

It's splendid, girls, especially for teens!

3. Thierry Mugler – Innocent

Thierry Mugler – Innocent

With a name like "Innocent," how could this perfume be anything but innocent?

It's a little nutty, a little woody, a little musky and all around a sweet perfume.

It's got some beautiful orange notes along with red berries and almond.

I love this scent for just how crisp it is!

4. Victoria's Secret – Pink

Victoria's Secret – Pink

If you are thinking about breaking the norm of floral notes and sweet perfumes, this is it!

It's a little spicy but still overall sweet!

It's got lily-of-the-valley in it, some green leaves, juniper berry and some incredible peony notes.2

It's ideal for any girl that isn't too girly!

5. Guerlain – My Insolence

Guerlain – My Insolence

If you're looking for another perfume that is ideal for any girl that doesn't want to be too girly, but still wants innocent and sweet – this is it!

It's got some Tonka beans, some almond blossoms, some jasmine notes along with some raspberry notes.

It's a little citrusy so it's crisp and fresh!

Calvin Klein – Euphoria
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