10 Best Perfumes for Summer ...

You’ve got your summer vacation, clothes, and accessories all picked out, but what about perfumes for summer? I really like discovering new fragrances and I love how scents can bring back memories of good times! Check out these 10 best perfumes for summer and pick up a fragrance or two to go along with the fab new moments and memories you create this summer!

1. Eternity Summer by Calvin Klein

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Price: $58 at sephora.com
You might think Eternity is SO 80’s, but Calvin Klein introduces a limited edition Eternity Summer fragrance every year so this is very now! The bottle itself evokes thoughts of sandy beaches, flowy maxi dresses, and beachy hair. This perfect perfume for summer has notes of gardenia, peony, orange blossom and Japanese pear- ideal for ladies who love fruity and floral scents!

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