13 Best Fresh Scent Perfumes for Women ...


Fresh scent perfumes for women are so crisp and clean smelling – it makes you want to spritz yourself all day!

When I was in the market for a new perfume, my first instinct was to look for fresh scent perfumes for women, just because they smell so good!

That got me thinking – is there a list out there of all of the top fresh scent perfumes for women?

I looked, looked and looked and didn’t see one … until now!

So ladies, these are my top fresh-scented perfumes and I gotta say, you’ll be addicted!

1. Amazing Grace by Philosophy

Amazing Grace by Philosophy

Price: $20.94 at amazon.com

Philosophy is definitely one of my favorite brands of all time.

Not only does this brand come out with some awesome face stuff, but they make awesome smelling fragrances too!2

Take Amazing Grace for example.

This is definitely one of the fresh scent perfumes for women that I’m addicted to!

It has some citrus notes, some white musk notes and some soft floral blossoms to it!

All of that and it’s not super overpowering?

Sign me up!

2. Clean Warm Cotton by D’Lish

Clean Warm Cotton by D’Lish

Price: $19.99 at amazon.com

While I was on my hunt for the perfect fresh scent perfume for a woman, I was looking for something that smelled a little like fresh and clean laundry.

Well ladies, this one is it!

D’Lish is the king of all fresh-scented perfumes and this one smells exactly like you left your favorite shirt out in the sun to dry!

It’s got some notes of lilac, jasmine and of course some citrus notes too.

It’s delicious!

3. L'Occitane En Provence Eau De Reines Eau De Toilette

L'Occitane En Provence Eau De Reines Eau De Toilette

Price: $20.00 at amazon.com

You wouldn’t normally think that something that smells a lot like roses is going to be crisp and clean too, but this perfume?2

It’s got a velvet scent that is so delicate and light, you can wear it all day!

I love – love this smell!

Clean Fresh Laundry by D’Lish
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