7 Solid Perfumes to Try ...

Lately, I have had a huge obsession with finding all of the right perfumes to try and until recently, that meant the spray perfumes, but what about solid perfumes? Have you ever tried any perfumes that are solid? Do you have any favorites? If you're looking for any perfumes to try that are solid – take a look at my top 7! I love all of these perfumes and the scents are amazing!

1. Vanillary by LUSH

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LUSH is by far one of my favorite stores to go to whenever I am looking for something to slip into my bath, but did you know that they make some of the best perfumes to try out there? For example, this amazing solid perfume is all about burnt caramel, floral jasmine, tonka bean and of course vanilla notes! It's a great smell that'll stay on your skin!

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