Girl's Guide πŸ“™ to Finding a Perfume πŸ’ You'll Use Every Drop πŸ’§ of ...

I love perfume. Even though I work from home and spend all day at a computer, I don’t feel right unless I have my morning spritz of a favorite fragrance. I tend to stick to a few fragrances because I can never make up my mind about new ones. There are so many available, I find it bewildering and somewhat overwhelming. But, I have decided I need to give some new ones a try. But before I do I went on a mission to learn from experts how to make the best choices. This is what I learned about how to buy a perfume.

1. Go Prepared

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If you are looking to spend some serious cash on a fragrance, then you need to do go ready for business! Make notes on your phone about each one you sample so you can compare, and you can even take some small envelopes to preserve samples.

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