7 Facts on Common Fragrance Ingredients ...


Iโ€™ll be discussing some pretty interesting facts on common fragrance ingredients today, so in case you ever wanted to know more about musk, ambergris or that ever-present โ€œvetiver,โ€ hereโ€™s your chance!

You might already know some of these, but hold on to your chairs as some might shock you as well.2

So, to cut the long story short, here are 7 good-to-know facts on common fragrance ingredients...

1. Vetiver is a Plant


Now, raise your hand if you used Google to find out more about this ingredient!


But here are a few vetiver facts for all of you who, for some reason, simply never got around to consult the worldโ€™s most popular search engine.3

Vetiver or Vetiveria zizanoides is a tall, bushy grass-like plant that grows in Thailand and is cultivated because its oil makes a good perfume base.

Now, in case you thought a bit of drying and powdering is all it takes to produce vetiver oil, guess again, as it contains not one, five or...

I donโ€™t knowโ€ฆ thirty components...

but more than one hundred!

Some Ingredients Are Very Toxic
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