3. Fresh Scents

Who you are: You’re cool, you’re calm, you’re collected and you’re mostly carefree! On the whole, you live a stress- free life and you find that you are attracted to fresh scents because they offer a pleasing balance and aroma without any added drama, you don’t need any of that!

If you were a song, you’d defintely be So Fresh, So Clean by OutKast, a fun, fresh, funky toe tapper that pleases everybody while evoking an effortless coolness!

What you wear: You like to dress sharply, punctuating your wardrobe with luxury labels and statements pieces that really pop. Anna Wintour would be proud!

Your dating style: You’re cool and you’re fresh, but doesn’t mean you are down to be taken for a fool! Part of your effortless coolness comes in the form of knowing exactly what you want, and just like fragrances, if a guy isn’t giving you want you want, you simply move on to the next one in the hope of finding something better. You’re also very organized, which means you are great at planning dates!

When it comes to fresh scents, I love Bright Crystal by Versace, B. by Balenciaga and MIU MIU Eau de Parfum by MIU MIU.

My pick of the bunch though is Warm Cotton by CLEAN, a sexy and subtle fragrance with notes of citrus, green pear and jasmine.

$40 at sephora.com