5. Homemade Eau De Perfume – Midnight Garden

Homemade Eau De Perfume – Midnight Garden

If you are looking for more information on creating your own perfume, make sure you visit designsponge.com for more information. They tell you how to create a perfume that's right for you, and give plenty of recipe suggestions. Midnight garden is my favorite. It has a fresh, outdoorsy scent from the cedarwood, but it is relaxed by the lavender and cloves oil. Because of the vodka in this recipe, you will have to wait 48 hours to six weeks to get to the perfume strength you desire. Make sure you plan accordingly!


2 Tablespoons carrier oil, such as jojoba, sweet almond or grape seed oil

6 Tablespoons good quality vodka (I like Rain)

2 1/2 Tablespoons distilled or spring water (not tap water, though)

coffee filter


Eessential oils for blending (you’ll need separate oils for base, middle and top notes, totaling around 30 drops or use 6 drops cedarwood oil, 15 drops clove oil, and 9 drops lavender oil to make the “midnight garden” scent)

Two dark-colored glass bottles, one for curing, one for storing (you don’t need both right away, though)

decorative perfume bottle, for gifting (optional)


Begin by cleaning the bottles, either in your hottest setting in the dishwasher or with hot, soapy water. Place the bottles on a rimmed baking pan and dry in an oven set to 110ºC. Remove from the oven once they are completely dry.

Put a lid on one of the bottles (the one you’ll be using for storing) and set it aside until you’ll need it, which will be anywhere from 48 hours to 6 weeks later. Place the carrier oil into one of the bottles.

Next, add the essential oils in the following order: the base notes, the middle notes and finally the top notes. The number of drops used for each note is up to you, so it’s time to play! Just remember the ideal ratio of 30% top, 50% middle and 20% base notes. Shoot for around 30 drops total given the amount of carrier oil and vodka called for here. Add the vodka. Place the lid atop the bottle and shake it vigorously for several minutes. Allow the bottle to sit for 48 hours to 6 weeks. The scent will change over time, becoming strongest around 6 weeks. Check it regularly, and once you’re happy with it, add 2 tablespoons of spring water to the blend. Give the bottle a good shake for one minute. Place a coffee filter into a funnel and transfer the contents from the curing bottle to the other bottle, which will become the storing bottle. Label your blend. Your eau de perfume is now ready to wear. If you’d like to gift it, put some in a decorative bottle. Be sure to advise the recipient, however, to keep it out of direct heat or sunlight. Ideally, though, the best place for storing your creation is in a dark-colored bottle.

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